Check-in & Check-out information


  • Chogogo Free WiFi in your unit:
    select ChogogoWifi
    password: chogogofree
  • Chogogo Free WiFi in Lobby and restaurant:
    select ChogogoFreeWifi
    password: chogogofree
  • Call extension of the Front desk is 2000
  • The front desk is open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. From 8.00 pm to 8.00 am the phone is passed to the concierge at the entrance
  • Eco system: Close shutters and doors to use the air conditioning
  • Beach towel pass: This card can be exchanged for towels daily from 8 am till 8 pm at the front desk. Lost card/beach towel fee USD 20
  • Gift coupon for one “awa di lamunchi” or fruit punch at Restaurant Chogogo
  • Restaurant Chogogo:  open 8 am to 11 pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Big Green Egg BBQ on Tuesday and Friday
  • Free Koko’s Beach pass: The entrance to Koko’s Beach is 82 yards/ 75 m  away from our entrance.  Lost card fee USD 25
  • Free MTBs and van Moof bikes , kid carts and golf sets
  • Free ABC Bus Company ticket  for  Willemstad
  • Supermarket  Van den Tweel  within walking distance  (437 yards/ 400 m)
  • Supermarket Vreugdenhil bus daily at  11.15 am


  • Check-out time is 12 pm
  • Return your room-,entrance key and beach card at the front desk. Plaese settle any remaining invoices.
  • Return your beachtowels or pass at the front desk.Lost card /beach towel fee is USD 20
  • You can leave your luggage in the lobby and hand luggage at the Front Desk. Pleas let us know if we can assist with your luggage ( ext 2000)
  • After 12 pm we do have an accommodation available for changing and showering.
  • Front Desk can inform you about the pick up time for transfer. The bus will stop at the lobby.