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Travel Guide


Jan Thiel Beach

A beautiful bay with a very nice beach with four restaurants and a nice shopping area. The diving and snorkeling is excellent.

Mambo Beach

Mambo Beach means party time! Especially during the weekend and the holidays when many young people gather here.

Playa Barbara

Here you can enjoy yachts and sailing boats that sail by on their way to Spanish water.

Playa Cas Abao

A beautiful beach with perfect snorkeling.

Playa Kalki

On this sandy limestone beach you will discover an attractive snorkeling and diving spot. The trees and quiet surroundings create a nice atmosphere.

Playa Kenepa (Kleine Knip)

This tiny beach is easily reached by car. There are also good parking facilities.

Playa Piskado

One of the three beaches near the village of Westpunt, of which both the beach and the seabed is covered with rocks of volcanic ash.

Playa Porto Mari

A beach with parasols, bar/restaurant, large terrace, shower, toilets, beach chair rentals, and most importantly a magnificent underwater world.

Must see

Boca Sami

A characteristic fishing village, also known as the Boca St. Michiel.

Boka Tabla

Fantastic waves crash here into an underground cave, and impressive sight!


The highest point on Curaçao lies in a beautiful natural park. Enjoy the fantastic view from a height of 350 meters.

Curaçao Museum

This museum is located in a historical building dating from 1853. Here you will find antique furniture, paintings, and of course the ‘Snip’ airplane.


A 17th century country house which has been renovated and restored to the original Curaçao style.


Here you will find a large group of flamingos: beautiful birds with pink feathers. A good example of Curaçao’s subtropical climate.

Fort Amsterdam Punda

The inner court of this fort is open to visitors. The fort itself was built around the 17th century as a defense against the French and the English. An English Cannonball can still be found here.

Fort Beekenburg

This fort can be visited by appointment. It was used in the 18th and 19th century to withstand attacks by the English.

Hato Caves

In these caves there are approximately 1,500 year-old cave paintings and petroglyphs, as well as stalagmites and stalactites. You can see all this with your own eyes by joining a guided tour.

Hato Plain

This area is also known as ‘Curaçao’s Desert’, and features eight caves. Take a jeep safari or a ride on horseback and discover it.

Herb Garden ‘Den Paradera’

Dinah Veeris is well known for her knowledge of and love for herbs and their effects. Dinah’s Botanic and Historical Garden ‘Den Paradera’ is certainly worth a visit.

Jan Thiel Nature Area

This area has salt pans, panoramas, lagoons, cliffs, flamingos and the fascinating Kueba di Wela: a small cavern accessible through a hole in the ground.

Jan Thiel Riding

Just as on a mountain bike, you can make wonderful trips on horseback.

Kas di Pal’i Maishi

This museum is situated in what is known as a kunuku house, where you can see and experience how most of the islanders lived a century ago.

Museum Kura Hulanda

If there’s a spot on the island where you can get close to the historical development of the African inhabitants of Curaçao, then it’s here at the Museum Kura Hulanda

Ostrich Farm

Ostriches on Curaçao?! Certainly! At the ostrich farm you can take a closer look at 800 ostriches.

Handels Kade

One of the symbols on postcards of Curaçao: the Handels Kade.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara offers you a magnificent nature area, perfect for a long hike.

Santa Martha Bay

A beautiful bay, where the ocean carves its way into the mainland of Curaçao along many bends.

Sea Aquarium

Would you like to see that Curaçao’s much talked about underwater world looks like without getting wet? Here you can discover Curaçao’s water fauna, feed the fish or take a dive.

Sheta Boka

The name ‘Sheta Boka’ means ‘seven inlets’. Great hikes await you here, of which the one to the point of Boka Tabla is the best.


This sunken towboat likes at 5 meters depth and is covered in coral. An ideal spot for diving and snorkeling.

Westpunt Church

A characteristic church, in an attractive Caribbean style.

Sports & Outdoor

Jan Thiel Hiking

This area is ideal for hikes because of it’s natural diversity.

Jan Thiel Mountain Biking

The ‘Jan Thiel Lagoon Router’ is a mountain biking terrain of great natural diversity covering a distance of 16km.


Discover the national park on foot, horseback, on a mountain bike or in a jeep.


At the Jan Thiel Bay there is Scuba Do a PADI diving center where extensive diving courses are given. Trips are also organized to nearby spectacular coral reefs.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

The Old Quarry Golf Course overlooks the Caribbean Sea and sheltered Spanish Water Bay. Book your tee time.

Santa Barbara Plantation

Old Quarry golf course. One of the finest golf courses in the Caribbean.


For calling other rooms in the Resort:

Dial the room number.

For local calls:

Dial 9 followed by the 7 digit phone number.

For international calls:

Press 9 followed by the country code and area code without 0.
Example: call to USA = 9 001 – [area code without 0] [phone number]

In case of emmergency

Police / Fire / Emergency 911 Ambulance 912


Mrs. T.B. Ferwerda
Oude Caracasbaaiweg 70
T: +5999 465 0673
In case of emergency
M. +5009 560 2464


Visit our restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal whilst having a wonderful view over the Caribbean Sea and the pool.
Chogogo Terrace is open from 8.00 AM to 11.00 PM

Enjoy a la carte breakfast, lunch and diner every day 0
For reservations please call ext. 2202.

  • Breakfast/ Lunch: from 8.00 AM
  • Diner from: 5.30 PM


Our menu for diner.

Desserts & Coffees

Our menu for desserts and Coffees.

Breakfest & Lunch

Our menu for Breakfest and Time to bite.



Properly arranged

Curaçao is easiest to explore by car. The island has multiple car rental services, but quality can differ a lot. That is why Chogogo has its own car rental service exclusively for our guests. By using Chogogo, you are ensuring yourself of a reliable car, good service and fair pricing.

Chogogo has 5 types of cars available:

  • Volkswagen UP, 4-seater, manual, with air-conditioning and radio.
    Pricing: starting from ANG 55,00 excluding 9% OB (sales tax) per day (including OB 59,95 ANG)
  • Hyundai EON, 4-seater with air-conditioning and radio. Manual and without power steering.
    Pricing: starting from ANG 50.00 excluding 9% OB (sales tax) per day (including OB 54.50 ANG)
  • Hyundai i10, 4-seater, automatic, with air-conditioning and radio.
    Pricing: starting from ANG 55.00 excluding 9% OB (sales tax) per day (including OB 59.95 ANG)
  • Hyundai Grand i10, 5-seater, manual, with air-conditioning and radio.
    Pricing: starting from ANG 60.00 excluding 9% OB (sales tax) per day (including OB 65.50 ANG)
  • Hyundai Santa Fé, 7-seater, automatic, with air-conditioning and radio.
    Pricing: starting from ANG 120 excluding 9% OB (sales tax) per day (including OB 130.80 ANG)

Taking off with proper insurance

For your own peace of mind, you can opt for an all-risk insurance. In that case, you will be charged a daily ANG 12.50 to settle the deductible. The only things not insured are a flat tire or towing services when the battery is flat (from having kept the car lights on). If you opt out of this insurance, we ask that you pay a deposit of ANG 550 or authorise your credit card for US$ 300. Renters below the age of 23 are subject to a deposit of ANG 900. The deductible cannot be settled in that case.

Are you interested in renting a car? Please let us know by sending us with your booking number and your preferred car. We will then have it ready for you at arrival!

The reception

Call extension 2000 for the reception

The reception of Chogogo Resort is open from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

From 8.00 PM to 8.00 AM the phone is passed to the concierge at the entrance.


Housekeeping information

Two times a week housekeeping cleans your accommodation between 08.45 am and 3.00 pm.
Pick up fresh towels and kitchen linen daily in the lobby

Hot Tubs

You can now use the two brand new hot tubs for real relaxation. For a nice cool down you can use the new cool tub for the ultimate experience.

Swimming Pool

At the pool, you can cool down or sunbathe on the big terrace with beach chairs. Of course, there’s also a toddler pool for the little ones. The pools are located next to the restaurant. Opposite to the lobby.

Car Rentals

Should you wish to rent a car, Chogogo offers you the choice from a wide range of cars. Renting a car from Chogogo has many advantages:

  • The rental is certainly cheaper than charged at large rental car agencies.
  • The rental period can be shorter because the car doesn’t have to be picked up and dropped off at the airport.
  • Prices include insurance and all other rates.


There is free WiFi in every accommodation.
Access the Internet directly or your phone, laptop or tablet.


The reception is open twelve hours a day. At night our doorkeepers will be pleased to assist you. You can speak to us in Dutch, English, Spanish, German and in Papiamento. As soon as you arrive at Chogogo Resort you will feel at home in the Caribbean.

Chogogo Shuttle

The ABC Bus Company will take you daily to the old center of Willemstad. (Free tickets at our reception.) The Vreugdenhil Supermarket shuttle will take you daily to the supermaket.

Public Transport

Timetable ABC bus service
The bus stop is located at the entrance of the resort
Bus tickets are available for free at the reception.


Our personnel will do their best to make your visit to Curaçao as pleasant as possible. The inhabitants of the island are known for their hospitality and sunny character. It goes without saying that they will give the guests at Chogogo Resort a warm welcome.


Chogogo Resort offers a laundromat. Tokens and detergents are available at the lobby.


There is a supermarket within walking distance (+/-400 m).
A shuttle bus to another supermarket is also available


At the Jan Thiel Bay there is Scuba Do a PADI diving center where extensive diving courses are given. Trips are also organized to nearby spectacular coral reefs.

Mountain Biking

In recent years Curaçao has developed quickly into a great location for mountain biking. There are now a few hundred kilometers of signposted trails. Various difficult and medium difficult trips and informative fun tours are available. You can rent the bike that is right for you at our resort.

Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel Beach is within 75 meters distance. A beautiful bay with four restaurants and a nice shopping area. The swaying palms, clear blue sea and white sand at Jan Thiel Bay offer you everything you could wish for. You can have a wonderful time here swimming, sunbathing, diving and snorkeling. The waves are broken by a large reef where the most wonderful fish can be found. This unique bathing spot is one of the most beautiful on the island.


At this newly landscaped beach you can enjoy the combination of street food, freshly made smoothies, healthy shakes and juices, cocktails and a delicious cold beer. Koko’s is open daily from tot sunset.

The entrance tot Koko’s Beach is 82 yards/ 75 m away from our entrance.


We warmly welcome you at Chogogo Resort and wish you a pleasant stay. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience and your holiday here even better.
With sunny regards,

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Discover Caribbean paradise

White sandy beaches, the azure sea and a refreshing summer breeze: Curaçao is one of the most amazing locations our planet has to offer. With its blend of European and African influences and the friendly locals, this island is the perfect destination for a diverse holiday experience.

Situated on the island’s south coast, between the hills of the Jan Thiel Bay, is another hidden gem: the Chogogo resort. The park consists of homely four-star bungalows, apartments and studios in that vibrant, signature Caribbean style. All the good things the island has to offer are at your fingertips: sun, sea, a good time and amazing food. What more could you want?